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Give Back to the Community

How does your organization envision a greener tomorrow? Are you looking for an opportunity to give back to your community? Is your team searching for a meaningful team-building opportunity? 

Partner with EarthCorps to restore Puget Sound area parks and urban forests. 
EarthCorps offers a range of mission-driven volunteer experiences and sponsorship opportunities that advance your corporate philanthropic and teambuilding priorities.

Three volunteers planting

Three volunteers planting at Seattle, WA’s Beaver Pond Natural Area


We are building an equitable future. 

EarthCorps is dedicated to supporting the communities most impacted by environmental degradation. We believe in the power of people to restore ecosystems, protect the environment, increase access to nature, and address climate change.  

However, we can’t do it alone. 

Every year more than 1,000 youth, business leaders, and community members join us as we work to restore and sustain the region’s natural ecosystems and green spaces for future generations to enjoy.

By partnering with EarthCorps, you are investing in a healthy and sustainable world by providing the next generation of youth with the knowledge, skills, and experience to deal with pressing global environmental challenges. Most importantly, your partnership will help to improve the well-being of many BIPOC communities in the region by restoring natural habitats. 

EarthCorps is open to creative new ideas for meaningful partnerships. Email to get the conversation started. 

Corporate Volunteer Events


Shanon Tysland speaking on stage

Shanon Tysland speaking on stage at Revive Reunion 2023

“Being a sponsor of Revive has created a space for our employees to connect outside of the work walls. Having an evening to be inspired together about the work EarthCorps is doing to restore PNW habitats and building leaders to address our world’s climate issues is so invigorating.”

— Shanon Tysland, CEO of Experience Momentum.

Why Choose EarthCorps? 

Finding the right partner who delivers on their investment can be a challenge. EarthCorps offers a new approach with a long-term vision of sustainably stewarding green spaces in our community.

EarthCorps provides: 

  • Innovative Engagement: Working with EarthCorps isn’t just about volunteering; it’s about strengthening communities. 
  • Diverse Partnership: EarthCorps’ new strategic direction emphasizes supporting BIPOC and underserved communities. 
  • Tailored Support: We understand the unique needs of businesses in administrating community engagement. Let us handle the details! From all staffing, registration, safety, tools, and other logistical responsibilities, we’ve got you covered.    
  • Transformative History: For 30 years, we’ve been providing unique experiences that educate and empower volunteers.   

EarthCorps volunteer events are safe, engaging, educational, and fun for the whole organization. Our volunteers learn about the history of the land and the surrounding communities through their interactions with community stewards, tribes, and professionals.  

Corporate Volunteer Packages

EarthCorps has a package for every goal and budget. The higher tiers include all benefits of lower tiers as your organization deepens its commitment to this work. 

Seed (Welcome to Restoration!) 

This tier is great for organizations getting involved in restoration for the first time. It has everything you need for a volunteer event for up to 30 people. This includes tools, training, staff support and safety, and everything behind the scenes. 

Sapling (Engage the Community!) 

The Sapling tier is for organizations invested in transforming the Puget Sound. Saplings will pay it forward by “adopting” a public volunteer event for the local community. Employees and their families are also welcome to attend these special events.

Cedar (Become a visionary of local restoration and community engagement) 

Western Red Cedars play a crucial role in the Pacific Northwest, serving as a fundamental resource for communities since time in memorial. They offer shelter, sustenance, clothing, and so much more. Similarly, your company plays a crucial role in our journey towards building a more equitable world.

The Cedar package is designed for visionary organizations committed to a greener tomorrow and ready to make that dream a reality.

Contact the Corporate Partnerships Team

Ready to learn more about a volunteer event? Fill out our form. Have a question? Email our Corporate Partnerships Team or schedule a meeting with our team.