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People and Nature

EarthCorps works to ensure that all people and nature can thrive together.

Corps Member kneeling down next to a tool, wearing a hard hat, in a forested area. The forested area is marked off with a sign and an orange cone.

We care for special places.

Nature needs us. Striking a balance between population growth and biodiversity takes time and persistence. EarthCorps supports underserved communities and communities of color, schools, businesses, neighborhood groups, and devoted individuals as they steward and shape natural areas that foster community health and quality of life.

People of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds should enjoy the great outdoors.

Our Pacific Northwest parks are great places to take a break from the daily grind and stresses of modern life. Run, hike, relax, forage, explore and play. EarthCorps builds and maintains trails to provide safe, reliable access to some of the most beautiful spots imaginable in our national and state parks and within city limits.

Giant trees clean our air.

Massive Western Red Cedars and Douglas Firs are some of the most effective mechanisms for cleaning air pollution and sequestering carbon. EarthCorps creates sustainable urban forests that enable these native giants to grow for hundreds of years and clean air for generations to come.

We celebrate the rain.

Water is life. EarthCorps works to manage rainwater sustainably so that heavy storms do not flood our streets and pollute our waterways. EarthCorps builds innovative gardens that catch runoff from roads, roofs, factories and ports. These raingardens naturally filter toxic chemicals and stop the pollution from entering Puget Sound.

Farms and forests nourish us.

Our livelihood depends on sustainable agriculture. EarthCorps works with farmers and foresters to protect water sources, mitigate invasive plants and weeds, control flooding and increase climate resiliency in a changing world.

Our Economy is growing.

Our region’s economy was built on fish, forests, and recreation. Now it’s home to some of the biggest technology, aerospace, and retail companies. EarthCorps believes in an economy that works for everyone. EarthCorps innovates ways to integrate nature with smart urban planning to make a place people want to come to live, invest, and invent.

Beyond Puget Sound

Our local actions have global impact. Aspiring young adults from around the world learn and grow in our rigorous program. They take skills, expertise, ideas and sustaining friendships home to their communities across the US and around the world.