What Position is Right for you?

EarthCorps has three main positions for AmeriCorps and international participants: Corps Member, Crew Leader and Volunteer Specialist. Take a look at the position overviews to see which one is the best fit for you!


As a corps member, you’ll be rolling up your sleeves to implement environmental restoration projects around Seattle and western Washington.

The heart of the corps experience is working side-by-side with your close-knit crew of 6-7 AmeriCorps and international participants.  Crews work, camp, and learn together through the daily process of performing environmental restoration. It takes a lot of hard work and sweat and happens outdoors in all kinds of weather. You’ll have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects throughout the Puget Sound region, which may include invasive plant removal (both manual and through herbicide application), native plant installation, trail construction and maintenance, and volunteer management. Projects take place in a variety of urban, suburban, and rural settings. Workdays are from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm, and many volunteer events are held during weekends.

Service Learning /ˈsərvəs ˈlərniNG/ NOUN: An experiential education strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection.

EarthCorps’ emphasis on service learning takes our conservation corps program to the next level. The corps program devotes time to professional and personal growth through workshops and trainings that provide deeper context for the field work, as well as helping you explore your leadership potential. Topics include basic Pacific Northwest botany and ecology, environmental restoration theories and concepts, natural resource management, global environmental issues, and interpersonal and cross-cultural communication. You will also take part in two or three multi-day, off-site retreats.

EarthCorps offers corps member positions to both U.S residents through the AmeriCorps program, and non-U.S. residents through the J1-Visa program. See more information below:

AmeriCorps Members (for U.S. residents)

The AmeriCorps corps member positions run February through December each year. In addition to a monthly stipend, AmeriCorps members can earn an AmeriCorps Education Award after completion of the full program. Occasionally, short term positions become available throughout the year. Read a full position description from a past posting here: AmeriCorps Member Position Description.

International Corps Members (for non-U.S. residents)

The corps member position for international participants runs June through December each year. International corps members are sponsored by EarthCorps on a J-1 Trainee visa. EarthCorps charges no fees for international participants, however, participants are responsible for costs associated with applying for a visa and purchasing airfare to and from Seattle. International participants live with Host Families in Seattle who provide room and board and a glimpse into Pacific Northwest culture. Read a full position description from a past posting here: International Corps Member Position Description.

For more information about what it’s like to be an international participant, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


The Crew Leader position provides the opportunity for dedicated, young restoration professionals to refine their leadership skills. You will spend your days in the field with your crew, where you’ll be responsible for the facilitation of crew safety and well-being, productivity, morale, and quality of work. Additionally, you will be coordinating projects between clients, EarthCorps project managers, and your crew. EarthCorps has a reputation for quality, hard work, and safety, and you’ll be expected to motivate your crew to reflect that reputation and have fun.

Crew Leader positions are open to qualified individuals, both program alumni and outside applicants. Read a full position description from a past posting here: Crew Leader Position Description.


The Volunteer Specialist position at EarthCorps provides the opportunity for talented, young restoration professionals to refine their leadership skills through facilitating service learning experiences for volunteers.

As a Volunteer Specialist, you will assist with all aspects of managing volunteer events, including: on site supervision and education of volunteers, maintenance of Volunteer Program tools and materials, and volunteer event planning. EarthCorps works with more than 10,000 volunteers over the course of a year, so as a volunteer specialist you’ll be the public face of EarthCorps.

Volunteer specialist positions are open to qualified individuals, both program alumni and outside applicants. Read a full position description from a past posting here:  Volunteer Specialist Position Description.


EarthCorps hires various Specialist positions each year. These seasonal AmeriCorps positions give emerging restoration professionals additional experience in project implementation and leadership. Examples of EarthCorps Specialist positions are Habitat Restoration Specialist, Restoration Logistics Specialist, and Outreach Specialist.

These positions vary each year and are open to qualified individuals, both program alumni and outside applicants. The Specialist positions are typically posted in late July on the Apply Now page.