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About Wakulima USA

EarthCorps’ partnership with Wakulima USA empowers BIPOC youth and low-income immigrants as they find their identity and food sovereignty through equitable access to culturally relevant food and sustainable urban farming.

Washington-based farming and food cooperative Wakulima USA focuses on sustainable and organic farming techniques. After immigrating from Africa, David Bulindah and Dickson Njeri saw a lack of representation in the culturally relevant foods that reminded them of home. In 2016, the co-founders opened a dedicated farming space that served as a center for low-income immigrants and people of color in the Puget Sound region. As the organization grew, Wakulima USA secured land in Kent Valley and, in response to community needs, expanded its programming to support mental health, youth development, and advocacy.

Wakulima USA’s Kent Valley farm will serve as a living and learning space, where EarthCorps’ crews, volunteers, and community can work together to explore food security, cultural identity, green initiatives, and mental health. Excited for the potential of this partnership, David and Dickson share: “Farmwork connects the community to resources and enables them to have a space. Lots of young people are trying to figure out their identity – part of this is through the work we will jointly do.” 


Partner with EarthCorps

More than 10,000 youth, business leaders, and community members join us annually as we work to restore and sustain the region’s natural ecosystems and green spaces for future generations to enjoy. Our community partners invest in a healthy and sustainable world and provide the next generation of youth with the knowledge, skills, and experience to deal with pressing global environmental challenges.

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