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About Foster High School

The partnership between EarthCorps and Foster High School focuses on transforming green spaces and parks to enrich curriculum through restoration projects and volunteer events.

Tukwila’s Foster High School is one of the most diverse high schools in the United States. Having seen an influx of refugees settle in Tukwila, Washington since the mid-1990s, Foster High is the only high school in the district serving 800 students from 9th to 12th grade. As of January 2017, the school had students from 51 nations, speaking 44 different languages from different ethnicities.


In January 2017, Foster High School reported student population demographics.


As part of their commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability, Foster High started the Environmental Science course which is a 2 year program. Students who elect to take the program are required to participate in an outside internship to get a grasp of all they have learned in the four walls of the classroom.

As part of the partnership, EarthCorps will provide gateways and opportunities for short-term and summer environmental internships which gives students the opportunity to join crews on multi-day camping trips working on environmental restoration projects. Students will have the opportunity to perform site visits, get stipends, transportation and food are also provided.

One of the focus areas in EarthCorps’ new strategic plan is to cultivate leaders and community partnerships to advance environmental justice. The collaboration with Foster High School being a diverse comprehensive high school would be a great partnership to make this a reality. This great collaboration benefits both EarthCorps and Foster High School with the hope of impacting the city of Tukwila through the BIPOC youths.


Campfire Chat

At EarthCorps, actualizing a future where all people and nature thrive together means investing in community engagement efforts. During this conversation, EarthCorps connects with speakers from partnering organizations:

These leaders highlight their collective and shared goals towards environmental and social justice and discuss breaking down barriers to providing unique experiential opportunities for youth and communities throughout the region.

Partner with EarthCorps

More than 10,000 youth, business leaders, and community members join us annually as we work to restore and sustain the region’s natural ecosystems and green spaces for future generations to enjoy. Our community partners invest in a healthy and sustainable world and provide the next generation of youth with the knowledge, skills, and experience to deal with pressing global environmental challenges.

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