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EarthCorps' Community Partnerships

In 2022, EarthCorps reimagined its mission to address the inequities of the burden in environmental degradation. Envisioning an equitable world where all people and nature thrive together, the organization named a new mission: to cultivate leaders and community partnerships to advance environmental justice. To actualize this shift, EarthCorps welcomed a team focused solely on activating a network of community partners, agencies, and organizations throughout the Puget Sound region.

EarthCorps’ Community Engagement and Volunteer Team is fostering new community partnerships dedicated to improving the health and function of ecological systems. The team is focused on expanding access to green spaces while providing pathways for youth interested in green careers. Cultivating long-term community stewardship of natural areas, the team is developing relationships in new communities throughout the Puget Sound region. While building these relationships, our team is committed to learning and growing from mistakes, successes, and feedback as we collectively working towards our mission. As the team pilots this new initiative, we welcome new community partners who share our vision and support a future of equity and environmental resilience.

More than 10,000 youth, business leaders, and community members join us annually as we work to restore and sustain the region’s natural ecosystems and green spaces for future generations to enjoy. Our community partners invest in a healthy and sustainable world and provide the next generation of youth with the knowledge, skills, and experience to deal with pressing global environmental challenges.

Want to learn more? Connect with EarthCorps’ Director of Partnerships.