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Noxious weeds, like knotweed, are a non-native, introduced species that disrupt the Thornton Creek watershed’s entire ecosystem. Knotweed, a bamboo-like annual that can grow to 6’-10’ tall, has large heart-shaped leaves, spreads aggressively, and poses one of the greatest threats to the watershed’s ecosystem. Left uncontrolled, these weeds:

  • Reduce property value
  • Damage structures such as foundations and roads
  • Contribute to stream bank erosion
  • Lower nutrient inputs into stream systems
  • Crowd out native vegetation that provides vital food and shelter to native fish and wildlife

However, with your support, we can restore and improve the vitality of the Thornton Creek watershed by removing knotweed and other noxious weeds.

We are seeking your permission to access your property to survey for and treat any knotweed infestations with a low concentration of herbicide – which is the best tool we have available to treat this particular plant. Knotweed treatment typically takes several years to be successful, and allowing us permission to access your property for survey and treatment for several years will allow us to fully eradicate the weeds from your property. Your participation is part of a coordinated effort to restore Thornton Creek, and together, we’re reducing knotweed infestations and increasing habitat value along Thornton Creek. 

To grant permission for this free service, please fill out the waiver.