Connect with nature Saturday, October 13th!

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Tacoma’s wetlands, parks and open spaces need your help! These natural resources provide people with clean air, clean water, and access to nature. Keeping them healthy is a community effort! Join hundreds of volunteers this fall as we work to keep Tacoma green by volunteering at one of ten different event sites around the city. Volunteers will be pulling invasive weeds, removing litter, and planting and mulching native shrubs and trees.

It’s easy to volunteer!

There are 10 Green Tacoma Day sites across the city! Find one near you and signup online!

Julia’s Gulch 
Join the stewards of Julia’s Gulch as they clear invasive weeds to create space for native plantings. Find out more and sign up.

Alling Park 
Join Metro Parks Tacoma at Alling Park on Green Tacoma Day! Volunteers are needed to plant trees within the park. Find out more and sign up.

China Lake 
Join Metro Parks Tacoma as we Celebrate Green Tacoma Day! We will plant, pull, and prune in this natural area park. Find out more and sign up.

Franklin Park 
Join Metro Parks Tacoma to improve the health of Franklin Park. Find out more and sign up. Find out more and sign up.

Gog-le-hi-te Wetlands 
Join Forterra and Port of Tacoma as they continue restoring this special wetland. Find out more and sign up.

Mason Gulch 
Join City of Tacoma Open Spaces and EarthCorps in improving the forests of Mason Gulch. Find out more and sign up.

Mason Middle School Tree Planting 
Join Tacoma Public Schools and Pierce Conservation District, and City of Tacoma Urban Forestry in planting trees around the the perimeter of Mason Middle School. Find out more and sign up.

Oaktree Park 
Join Metro Parks Tacoma as we work to restore Oak Tree Park. Find out more and sign up.

Rhone-Poulenc Salt Marsh 
Join City of Tacoma Open Spaces, EarthCorps and 350 Tacoma in planting throughout the marsh. Find out more and sign up.

Tacoma Community College  
Join TCC at our Kia-Kaha Restoration site. Volunteers are needed to help remove litter and invasive plants from the site. Find out more and sign up.

Can’t wait until October?!

Green Tacoma Partnership partners lead events in and around Tacoma all year round! Visit the following organizations to learn more and get involved:
Metro Parks Tacoma
Pierce Conservation District

Hops for Treetops!

Thirsty for more?! This year, the Green Tacoma Partnership encourages you to learn about Tacoma’s urban trees and why they are so important to our quality of life. Join us on Saturday, September 8th from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm as we take you on a guided urban tree tour featuring stops at some of Tacoma’s local breweries – all in support of our goal to connect people to nature!
Sign up here beginning August 1st!


Green Tacoma Partnership

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