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End of Year Giving

EarthCorps cultivates leaders and community partnerships to advance environmental justice – but we need your help in order to make it happen.

We hope you’ll join us this giving season by making an end-of-year gift and supporting our vision of an equitable world where all people and nature thrive together.

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Our Vision for the Next Three Years



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EarthCorps has always been committed to local restoration and global leadership. However, environmental degradation disproportionately affects low-income communities and communities of color. As we reflect on our work, we’ve begun to understand whom we have unintentionally left out in our commitment to environmental stewardship.

To realize our new vision, EarthCorps envisions an equitable world where all people and nature thrive together, we have identified five priority areas: Impactful Environmental Restoration, Community Partnerships, Diverse and Sustainable Resources, Anti-Racist Culture, and Environmental Leaders. These areas will guide us as we navigate into the next chapter and reimagine our place in the global environmental movement.

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This giving season, join EarthCorps in working towards greener futures for all. By making a gift, raising awareness, and getting involved you’re supporting a world where all communities and ecosystems are resilient to the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

Invest in a Brighter Future for All

We believe honesty is the best policy. For every dollar earned, 79% goes directly back into our life-changing program.

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Becoming an EarthCorps monthly Perennial donor means strong and steady timely funding that supports environmental leaders as they gain critical skills to deliver lasting impact to the lands and waters of Puget Sound and beyond.

Your first donation will be processed immediately with the continuing donations falling on the same day on a monthly basis.

Minimum is $5.00

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