Why am I a part of EarthCorps?

By Matthew McWitz, 2019 Corps Member

Poem written by Matthew McWitz, EarthCorps corps member, 2019

I joined EarthCorps because I heard the cry of the earth.

I knew I had to throw my lot in

for what it’s worth.


I don’t presume to have the power to save us all.

But those that can hear

have an obligation;

to contribute

An offering, however small.


I am often afraid…Afraid that it’s too little, too late.

But believing we can do nothing

Guarantees a tragic fate.


And so here I am. Working away.

Doing my part.

A little each day.


We sometimes joke. Saving the earth, one fern at a time.

In a sense it’s poetic. For isn’t that how the earth was made?







I joined EarthCorps because of the suffering of the world

literally kept me up at night.

And I came to believe that the best way to help

Was to help the mother that made us.

Dear Lord,

it’s going to be a fight.


Sometimes I am still afraid.

But now I can sleep.

Knowing each day I did what little I could

The price for good rest is never too steep.


I am part of EarthCorps because the problem at hand

cannot be tackled alone.

To comfortably assume such a task would require

a heart made of stone.


I am a part of EarthCorps because the next right thing to do

can be so hard to find.

And when working for something greater than yourself

you can sometimes feel blind.


I am a part of EarthCorps because I too am guilty.

Guilty of..whatever it is that got us here.

I am driven by a  sandwich of love and guilt

Bookended by fear.


I am a part of EarthCorps

because I don’t want to die

Environmental service is an act

of self-preservation

Why should I lie?


I am a part of EarthCorps because I am grateful.

So grateful to be alive,

I want all living beings today and forevermore

To also flourish and thrive.


I am a part of EarthCorps because

every time I see a deer amongst the trees

I feel like

I am a part of all things

Birds, bears, and bees.