Final Benefits of A Tree Diagram (Social media version).jpg

Infographic of the benefits of a tree. The graphic shows a green tree in the middle, with graphics all around the tree showing the various benefits. These graphics include; a house that reads, increases property values, and text next to the house that reads, makes communities more attractive, a brain that reads, improves public health, a cloud with rain that reads, reduces stormwater runoff, a bird on the tree with text that reads, provides wildlife habitat, an arrow pointing to a cloud with the text O2 that reads, provides us with oxygen, an arrow pointing to the tree trunk coming from a cloud with the text Co2 that reads, improves air quality and mitigates climate change, lines to show noise next to the tree trunk with text that reads, buffers noise, stream of water and rocks with fish with the text that reads improves water quality, fall colored leaves falling from the tree with text that reads, creates the foundation for new life, under the tree there is text that reads, provides shade and cooling, and words at the bottom of the tree that reads, reduces erosion.