Our Role as Environmental Educators

By Ignatius "Iggy" Davids, 2007-2008 EarthCorps Almuni

EarthCorps alum, Ignatius Davids.

Hi all! My name is Ignatius Davids but friends call me “Iggy”. I hope everyone is staying safe in this global crisis. As an Environmental Educator, I have come to realize that, the teaching of environmental education is such an important component for our survival as a species.  

Environmental education shows us how important it is to use our resources sustainable and to live in our environment with minimum impact towards it.

We have been teaching kids and teachers for many years about environmental education, now is the time to implement these tools in our lives.

We teach them how important it is to create backyard vegetable gardens. Food is becoming expensive and scarce daily, now is the time to implement that tool at home.

We teach them about sanitation, how now is the time to build Tippy Taps at home so that they may have access to water to continuously wash their hands.

We teach them about how interconnected we are as people and our natural environment. Now is the time to observe how this pandemic has brought people closer from all over the world. We are now more sympathetic and showing more empathy for the hardships in the world.

We teach them about water and how it’s sustainable usage is critical to our survival. We learn first-hand how water is helping us in keeping this virus at bay.

Environmental educators all over the world have been teaching us tools to use in times when all is well, but it inadvertently has been providing us with the means to survive in these times of a crisis.