Ask a Corps Member: Earth Day Edition

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, listen to two of our international corps members share a tip to live more sustainably. Want to get involved? Learn more about our volunteer events here!

Transcript: Hello, my name is Ayomide. I’m an international corps member from Nigeria, West Africa, and I love to celebrate Earth Day, and true community participation, community advocacy, and community awareness in environmental sustainability activities like street cleanup, beach clean up, and tree planting and this is why I love EarthCorps.

Because of the work that EarthCorps does to ensure that people and nature thrive together Because these are two inseparable entities, people and nature need to thrive together for us to have a better, healthier, and safer ecosystem to live in. And, as a circular economy advocate and emerging professional, I would say one of the best ways to live sustainably is to ensure that whatever waste we generate do not end up in the landfill.

And this means that we should ensure that we recycle whatever waste, whatever waste we generate, and we ensure that we compost and we ensure that in the minimal way we reduce, you know, the waste we generate so that we can have a safer planet, we can have a better climate, and we can have, you know, a clean and healthier future, not just for now, but also for the coming generations. Thank you.

Transcript: Hi everyone. My name is Vanessa Ndikontar. I’m an international EarthCorps trainee from Cameroon, West Africa. So my question is: share a tip for living more sustainably. I picked this question because I’ve definitely had a head start in this one for so many years, and I chose a sustainable lifestyle because I noticed that as humans, um, we relate differently when we’re suddenly aware that a resource is curse.

And so I guess my tip would be use anything like it’s your last. And by use, I really don’t have a better word to show how humans relate to different resources. This has brought me to a place where I’ve made more organic choices of ethically raised food, organic food, non gmo, but also just chosen more renewable sources of energy. And, prioritize eco-friendly products and techniques and methods. And so I hope that with this tip you can be able to do same and have a more sustainable lifestyle on the whole.