The Benefits of Trees

It’s a TREE-mendous time to celebrate Earth Month! Here at EarthCorps, we think trees are pretty cool and we wanted to share all their benefits with you!

The Benefits of A Tree infographic. Infographic of the benefits of a tree. The graphic shows a green tree in the middle, with graphics all around the tree showing the various benefits. These graphics include; a house that reads, increases property values, and text next to the house that reads, makes communities more attractive, a brain that reads, improves public health, a cloud with rain that reads, reduces stormwater runoff, a bird on the tree with text that reads, provides wildlife habitat, an arrow pointing to a cloud with the text O2 that reads, provides us with oxygen, an arrow pointing to the tree trunk coming from a cloud with the text Co2 that reads, improves air quality and mitigates climate change, lines to show noise next to the tree trunk with text that reads, buffers noise, stream of water and rocks with fish with the text that reads improves water quality, fall colored leaves falling from the tree with text that reads, creates the foundation for new life, under the tree there is text that reads, provides shade and cooling, and words at the bottom of the tree that reads, reduces erosion. Image caption below.

The Benefits of A Tree:

Reduces Stormwater Runoff

Rainwater that runs off our roofs, streets, and lawns can pick up pollutants that flow into our lakes, rivers, and streams. Trees help to absorb this “stormwater”, keeping our water safe.

Provides Wildlife Habitat

Many native species require a variety of plants and multiple layers of canopy to forage and nest.

Improves Public Health

Forests and other green spaces promote mental and physical health. They help people relax and reduce stress, promote social cohesion, encourage physical activity, and reduce exposure to air pollutants, noise, and excessive heat.

Increases Property Values

Homes that back up to greenbelts may be valued at up to 15% more than similar homes not near a park.

Buffers Noise

Tree canopies dampen sound by intercepting sound waves.

Improves Air Quality & Mitigates Climate Change

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and store the carbon in woody tissues. The surface of leaves trap airborne dust and soot.

Provides Shade

Trees cool our atmosphere and act as a windbreaker.

Creates the Foundation for New Life

The dead leaves that fall from the trees, resulting in a layer of leaf litter, provide the foundation for new life on the ground.

Improves Water Quality

Tree roots absorb water from the soil and help to filter out pollutants. This helps make water healthier for salmon, other fish and wildlife, and people.

Reduces Erosion

Treetops help slow the speed of falling rain, and slower rain is less likely to erode soil. Tree roots also hold layers of soil together to prevent erosion.

Provides Us with Oxygen


Download image: The Benefits of a Tree