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Climate Action Month 2012

Pioneered by EarthCorps in 2007, Climate Action Month is a month-long celebration of environmental service and education. Although climate change and ecosystem degradation are serious threats, Climate Action Month emphasizes fun, simple actions that give everybody a chance to make a difference. This year the event includes 20 hands-on opportunities to improve forests, wetlands, and shorelines in your neighborhood parks.

Do you know your carbon footprint? We invite you to calculate your impact, then walk, bike, bus & restore a park near you!

Climate Action Month


Walk, ride your bike, take the bus, carpool, or vanpool! Did you know that most trips are made within a 3-mile radius of your home? If we ditched the car for those trips, imagine the carbon emissions we'd save. Find someone who needs a lift, or discover how your neighborhood scores using this walkability calculator.

See Your Impact: Interactive Habitat Map

After volunteering this autumn, we hope to see volunteers complete the cycle of ecological restoration by returning to volunteer sites on Earth Day in April and throughout the year! Our interactive habitat map is a great way to see the impact you can make long term. This tool provides information about the locations of parks and public lands in Seattle (over 8,000 acres!), and the habitat types found on those lands and plants growing in each habitat.

Make Action Your Middle Name

You don’t have to volunteer to get involved in Climate Action Month (although it certainly helps)! Here’s a list of easy ways to save money and time while protecting and benefitting the environment. Use these resources as inspiration to make a small change or two in your daily routine.

Fight the Power

  • Unplug your chargers before you leave the house, and cut back up to 75% of your electricity use.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries for your remote controls and clocks. Recharge. Reuse. It’s brilliant.
  • Switch 1 bulb to CFL. If you can’t find one in the store, buy online for just a couple bucks.

Eat and Drink, Smart and Local

  • Check out LocalHarvest.org to find the farmers’ markets in your neighborhood.
  • Learn how to make an awesome brownbag lunch, and enjoy a self-satisfaction sandwich with a doing-your-part juice box. Delicious!
  • Use your sleeve. Stick to a 1-napkin limit. Seriously, unless you’re eating baby back ribs, you’ll find one napkin is usually plenty.
  • Wake your Walla Walla wino. A lot of delicious and well-respected wines are made right here in Washington. Try a local red tonight and go green (hopefully not literally).
  • Start an herb garden in your backyard or on your windowsill. It’s easy to grow your own basil, oregano, thyme, even tomatoes, for delicious homemade pasta sauce.
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled. Get a filter. It’s like having a clear mountain stream in your kitchen.

Around the House

  • Lower your thermostat by 1 degree. You won’t notice, and you could save 1,000 lbs of CO2 every year.
  • Save your shirt. Turn that old, favorite t-shirt into a reusable bag in just a couple minutes. Coolest bag ever.
  • Unsubscribe from some of the junk mail that clutters your real mailbox.
  • Collect rainwater – Seattle’s most plentiful natural resource (as if you couldn’t have guessed) – for stuff like watering your houseplants and mopping your floors. Learn how to get started.

Outside the House

  • Give a ride or get a ride to work or hit up the public transportation system for the day.
  • Stop by a thrift store in your neighborhood today and browse for a minute. You might be amazed by the treasures you find.
NeighboorWoods Month

Thanks to our Sponsors

Our incredible sponsors who make Climate Action Month possible: Esurance, Puget Sound Energy, ERM, IKEA and NeighborWoods Month.

Thank you!